Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Blabber Just to Mention the Scandal

too much facebook... argh

The thing is, the Philippines is problem ridden and not even the most distilled form of democracy would ensure her the pink slip.

What might work is a paradigm shift that is neither government initiated or requiring a political revolution. We need to be better Filipinos. We start by not taking a leak on public places, hold on to our emptied cans of soda until we see a rubbish bin, wear your fucking helmet when you drive a bike, be fucking punctual, teach pro-bono at an orphanage, find better things to do like signing up for a clean-up drive than driving yourself crazy google-ing to watch a mediocre physician and a slutty talent-deficient actress get on it...

I am not an allied science professional, but i know enough that adhesive bandages can hide the bruises but it's a far cry to cure cancer.