Monday, September 21, 2009

In My Life: It's a Mother's Day Movie

Let's not bring out the pom-poms yet, the movie has nothing to do with us. A three second kiss PATTING of lips is anything but what we expected it to be.

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Stand your guard sisters, the apparently gay-infested star cinema is really gay sanitized.

As for the film's merits (or the lack thereof)...hell, its numerous unnecessary plots made it appear lazily done. I was teary-eyed alright, teary-eyed from all the yawns. The a. shouting b. crying c. dancing d. slapping... please... there are other ways to tell a story. The Filipinos are (much much!) smarter than what you give them credit for.

Then again, I'm a mere mortal in the realm of films, hence, I yield to a more reliable reviewer:

"We really wanted "In My Life" to be one of the few films that we will always look back on and cherish as a film that brings a glimmer in our eyes. Unfortunately, that dream won't happen. So what made "In My Life" bad? First, it was definitely not the acting. We all have praises for the three main protagonists. Vilma was just at her best here and John Lloyd showed how much drama he can show out. Luis needs more improvement but he actually performed well being a homosexual so still, props to him. Second, it also wasn't the lack of drama thereof. There were oodles upon oodles of scenes where tears will fall and we also liked the occasional break from all the heaviness with light comedic scenes scattered all over the film.

Unfortunately, even with all the topnotch acting and drama, the simple truth is that "In My Life" left out one big aspect in a film and that is the story/plot. The story of "In My Life" was just too much for us too digest as there are a lot of unnecessary subplots happening all over the place (especially by the end of the film). As a viewer, we just wanted it to end but the film just gave more, more and more. We think the writers just forced it to have lots of dramatic avenues just for the sake that people will cry. As the saying goes, too much of anything is bad and this holds true here as they do not mesh well. Cry you will but you will might also wonder why. Even though it had unusual twists, it will make you think if it was really necessary to have them happen that way as an effective means to move the story forward. For us, they were not. "

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Devil Anna

was editing my power point presentation in international management...

phone call: "the devil is all over youtube"

i saved my file and closed power point application...

open youtube

power point slides...magazines, pwede.