Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to Back

“Back to back” is too lesbian and this is supposedly a pageant post…my Miss Earth eye candies. I know, I’m supposed to take a step forward and write like I did at least 14 years of schooling but I can’t be too hard to myself after all that seems to be my professor’s lesson plan for this semester.

The Vatican Council-worthy “back to back” issue stirs the bishops of pageantry and they are keen to call a synod to discuss formally the merits and repercussions of having a reigning Filipina crown another Filipina at the Miss Earth 2009. This year’s Venezuelan back to back has caused the 2nd reformation where Miss Universe lost a considerable number of its faithful hence a failure of moral precedence.

Alas! That’s it for my attempt at creative writing! I might as well do something less embarassing like NOT watching Katrina Halili on TV.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farewell to the Moresby Chapter (Half Year Late)


In case no one has mentioned to you yet, very few OCW Filipinos working or who use to work in Port Moresby had the chance for a sneak peek of what's the place is like. For most of us, if the experience is a speech, POM (or Port Moresby, the only other acronym that will be spasmodically part of your vocabulary while you are in PNG)was delivered before us impromptu, right there and then at the Jackson's.

Since you failed to mention the duration of your first try of la vida POM, I am assuming, based on your queries that it was a quick stab, but interestingly long enough and appreciative enough to be weighing up these issues this far. Truth is, I'm writing this for a personal reason. I'm sorry, but there are Pinoys who by virtue of their almost permanence of residence boast enough credibilty to address your queries. I only have five years to prop my bragging rights (if there should be one). This is then is my official thank you to the people of Port Moresby in case I failed to express gratitude when it was due.

It would be great to see the city once again.

Edgar, I don't want you to think that this rant is not worth a red cent so I'll tell you this: POM is not your hell yet. It pays to remember that angels lurk everywhere.

I wish you the best of luck.

Bryan Anthony

Reply to:

Dear Kababayans,


I am about to embark on a newly chosen life to work and live at PoM. I have just accepted an offer to work with Steamships Trading Company. Prior to finally accepting the job offer, I have joined this group to make a "feel" on how my kababayans in PNG (in general) communicate with each other. I have reviewed much of the messages posted by the group's members, exchanges of opinions, etc and found that although there was not so many messages being posted by members, at least it showed that there indeed exists a community spirit.

Using the groups' experiences and local knowledge, I would like to seek info on the following:

- security in general (my employer will provide housing and transpo)
- for a flat to live alone with Two bedrooms (at least), how much on the average will I spend for utilities monthly? My off hours will be spent watching TV, movies, and using my laptop (chatting and all).
- Living alone intending to prepare breakfast and dinner, how much is to be spent for food monthly?
- I have visited PoM on the request of my employer to see the place last july and was shown to places like the location of the phil embassy, supermarkets, major roads, etc. and saw some of my kababayans. Is there a usual hang-out for the pinoy community?.. . restaurant, deli shops, padala centre, etc?
- is it advisable that I open an account with a bank with branch at PoM (ANZ?) for a more convenient way to transact fund transfers to banks in Manila?
- items I will need to bring with me which is considered expensive at PoM? My employer will furnish my accommodation with basic furnishings (stove, fridge, sofa, dining table/chair, bed (no linen), curtain). Employer will cover additional 20kg excess baggage by the way.

For good-hearted individuals willing to provide any info and chooses to communicate directly, I will be glad if they do so. Any info and ideas will be taken objectively and with much appreciation.

Yours truly,

Edgar San Diego Jusay