Friday, November 2, 2007



Hello there!

You've been frequenting my dreams again, really it is alright but here's my deal: maybe we should cook up themes that are tad less scary?

Apparently, your frightening visits are well-timed for the Halloween but my guess is that you're on for a haunting spree in my dreams.

I did not really mean to make mom cry. Understand that 'bread winning' is not exactly the most promising career path. I am complaining, yes, but I'm not the type who peters-out from his obligations.

I hope that rests you in peace.

Since today is supposedly your day (along with the many who have gone to their rest in the hope of rising again), I wish you a rokin' and rollin' time.

Dreaming of your divine pinapaitan & heavenly (pardon the pun) dinuguan,



I travelled a bit and have dined on expensive and cheap tables alike and I'm proud to say that you remain to be best cook in the whole world!