Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to Back

“Back to back” is too lesbian and this is supposedly a pageant post…my Miss Earth eye candies. I know, I’m supposed to take a step forward and write like I did at least 14 years of schooling but I can’t be too hard to myself after all that seems to be my professor’s lesson plan for this semester.

The Vatican Council-worthy “back to back” issue stirs the bishops of pageantry and they are keen to call a synod to discuss formally the merits and repercussions of having a reigning Filipina crown another Filipina at the Miss Earth 2009. This year’s Venezuelan back to back has caused the 2nd reformation where Miss Universe lost a considerable number of its faithful hence a failure of moral precedence.

Alas! That’s it for my attempt at creative writing! I might as well do something less embarassing like NOT watching Katrina Halili on TV.

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Momel said...

Shall we tell them to shut up and shove their dogmas up where they belong? What is so wrong with being consistently beautiful? People these days are too distracted.

Manech said...

I like Miss Cuba. She looks like a barbie doll.

Miss USA looks like a really beautiful man whose real name is Enrico or Miguelito. I think I'd love her too. :D