Tuesday, August 17, 2010


you should always be where you will be at peace with yourself and that's only possible when you are where you want to be. i know people who are rich beyond my telling and have achieved monumental things... regretfully though their present circumstance is NOT exactly what they want. the fleeting sense of achievement and the more fleeting fun of showing off their brand new LV are their intermittent reminders that they chose to be unhappy.

it's like a grant to take the last trip of your life. as a mickey fan you've always wanted to go to disneyland 'cause you grew up watching mickey and goofy but you went to las vegas for poker games 'cause that's what you expect yourself to do or what people expect you to do. surely, vegas' bright lights are rockin' fun...but only until the neons are on.


tin-tin said...

when i went to hk last year, everybody is expecting that i'll go to disneyland.. but i didn't. why? coz i didn't feel it. hahaha. and i discovered more places actually.

it's better to explore sometimes and go outside the norm :)

heart-on-sleeve said...

very well written, bry.

totally agree.

i love this line in particular:

"...intermittent reminders that they chose to be unhappy."

at the end, it is all about choice.

Anonymous said...

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