Monday, September 27, 2010

On the issue: why can't other universities have standards like Ateneo?

my reply on the discussion:
["quality education entails not just preparing graduates to become rank and file employees but preparing graduates to become managers (bakit sa ateneo yung linkages ng schools nila magaganda? trained ka dun na maging boss..."]

different universities have different missions. ateneo (de manila) molds their students to be future leaders and become nation builders. my beloved saint louis university's mission is to transform students into high quality "competent and socially involved" human resource. evidently SLU has reached that standard. and that's SLU for us...

[my UP education is another story altogether]

but i can't say the same for other schools... it is unfortunate that most higher educational institutions are only after the $$$!


Manech said...

If by standards one refers to an institution's aims or goals, the simple and possibly most obvious answer is because they are, in fact, other universities.

There is, of course, the universal "academic excellence", but exactly what a student learns (and be good at), how he learns, and what he does with this knowledge are important aspects of what distinguishes one university from another.

And to ask that every school use the standards of Ateneo is to ask that every school be. Which is, of course, a little bit too much, if not tad absurd.

Herbs D. said...

its all but money, honey.