Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in good terms

Walid, our Sudanese classmate was the fourth to the last person who left the room. A tower of 6'2, he is probably the tallest and most dark skinned (perhaps one the most handsome) person I ever took a midterm exam with.

Closing the door after him, his first sentence was: "I used all the English words I know on the exam."

Terrell Owens

I scoffed, "Me too, except the words vagina and orifice."

He laughed, I didn't.

Ten p.m., eighteen degrees Celsius and a petition for a re-take in mind, I ordered fresh milk at a Session Road bar and commenced my unprecedented dairy protest.

A week later: UP economics major Kat, the last soul to pass her paper took home a 99. Paulo from SLU's debate team placed second with a 97. Later in the evening, the Baguio breeze still 18 degrees, at the Giligans the third placer with his blue margarita was sipping away the end of his lactose protest.


/iambrew said...

as can be expected from Bryan the Great!!! wooopppppiiii!!!!

heart-on-sleeve said...

woohoo congrats!

i bet you would have been first or second if you used "vagina" or "orifice" or both. hahaha.

Bryan Anthony said...

@iam: syempre mana kay brew!

Bryan Anthony said...

@rose: i doubt that, i'm probably out looking for a new uni by now. lammo naman ang slu! ahaha