Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the issue: Charice being called a Filipino on Glee has a demeaning subtext

The 'subtext' that I observed was a commentary, if not a critique on Americans' lack of understanding (if not, apathy) to cultures outside their own.

When the writers penned Rachael's line " are... from the Philippines where its sunny everyday..." plus the increased volume of Rachael's voice when she attempted to explain what a glee club is to her Asian-y looking schoolmate the writers were trying to stereotype Americans' condescending treatment of foreigners specially non-Caucasians.

This time I believe the writers are "on our side".


Manech said...

I think one interesting characteristic of the show is that they bank on stereotypes, but they don't necessarily affirm them. If anything, they ridicule them. The false notions, not the people.

Momel said...

But then, there was this part, somewhere in the end, where Sunshine Corazon was drafted, switched teams, if you may, because coach of Vocal Adrenaline offerred her a condo unit and a greencard.

The writers were on our side, Bry. But I think they like to kid.


kalansaycollector said...

i agree with manech! :)