Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Panagbenga notes from someone who’s seen enough parading sunflowers to last him six lifetimes

1. If you’re planning to leave your Peugeot at home and you haven’t bought a ticket yet then you should have started walking last year if you wish to make it on the big day this Sunday.

2. All rodent and roach-free hotel rooms are booked by now.

3. Baguio has enough of them skinny twinks with bayonet-like chins in aviator sunglasses. Don’t make things worse. Leave your chin and the face it is attached to pair at home.

4. People say wrapping your jacket around your waist is too clichéd. I think it is crappy like the 80’s.

5. Wear sunscreen. You’ll be 5,000 feet above sea level; you’ll be closer to the sun…I think *nail bites*.

6. Nevada Square is where you:
a. party the hardest
b. might lose your spleen
Your limbs are safer at Café Will.

7. Non-diva rodent and roach-free dining: Jack’s Restaurant or Good Taste.

8. Diva dining: Le Chef, Manor Hotel, Camp John Hay.

9. Please don’t point your fingers in SM’s direction like it’s the Eiffel Tower.

10. Beware of petty thieves.


Anonymous said...

elitista! hmp.

Bryan Anthony said...

hindi uy! masa ako!

Momel said...

Oh hello Bry! And so is this where you've been holing up these days? Love the overall gay feel. Cheers!

Momel said...

At least I know you're still here! I miss you Bry! Muah!