Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Pilate Act

I’m thinking… maybe my partner and I adopt a new born blue-eyed Latvian girl to mark our ten years together this 2010. By 2015 our five-year old daughter is all grown up and smarter than both of her dads and slightly prettier than me. Life is good except that our cute-as-button family lives in a rubbish of a republic and I must expect that sooner she’ll ask me why is the Philippines the poorest country in the world.

With a straight botox-free face and in faux Liverpool accent I’ll tell her: “But dhaaaling, stupid voters ignored UP Economist Professor Winnie Monsod. She’s a brainy one, that lady! A bar of soap soaked in chlorine is no cleaner than her reputation. I trust her so much, I'll side with her if she argues that Katrina Halili is not a slut”. Then I will ask my daughter to google “Hayden” if she has any questions about Katrina Halili. "Anyway, Prof. Winnie tried to warn us of Villar but…I even blogged about it...daddy did his part...I'm sorry...".

Pontius Pilate may not be the metaphor of choice but I’m washing my hands now—not with chlorine and soap but with html and java script just to make sure I'm in the running for the straightest face for my blue-eyed daughter...


Lyka Bergen said...

What's your adopted baby girl's name? Camella?

Manech said...

He's the bitch. Boishet!

Bryan Anthony said...

@lyka: camella lyka! lols

Bryan Anthony said...

@manech: i say: i blog mo ang boto mo!

Momel said...

Oh, and Bry, if your lovely daahling of a wonderchild needs a quick bootcamp on third world bashing, please. Feel free to let me know!


Kane said...

"she’ll ask me why is the Philippines the poorest country in the world."

Bryan Anthony,

It will take a lot before we become the poorest country in the world.

But then again, we all know what six years can do. So, what do we do?


Momel said...

We have this adopted siamese cat named Prince. And thankfully, just like his mildly obscene mother figure, the little shit's an unregistered voter.

Bryan Anthony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bryan Anthony said...

@kane: right. relatively speaking, with all the potentials and available resources our country has, we're in the woods sinking in a quicksand with just a finger clinging on faith. oh i hate this negative talk...

we hope for the best and do our part!


Bryan Anthony said...

@mel: tickle prince's tummy for me. and regards to the other mr. momel!

my lucy's sick, some goddam punk in our neighborhood wasn't too crazy of his (turned out lucy is a boy, i'll blog about it soon) white fur and tried to stone him to death...

Bryan Anthony said...

@momel: sign us up, me, partner and daughter for the boot camp! lols

Anonymous said...

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Jake said...

Well, we have been forewarned. 6 years from now, if your future daughter asks why our beloved RP is still a basketcase, please be kind enough to point out that the answer lies right infront of our faces.

In that way, we can easily slap ourselves once the crap hits the fan. LOL

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